“I have changed so much in how I think about my business, he [Andy Willmore] encourages me to concentrate on the important tasks. These tasks will change the results for my business and it is not surprising my fees are up 60% year on year”

Accountancy Practice

“I can honestly say that he [Andy Willmore] has changed my outlook on the future of the business. He has helped me regain focus, enthusiasm and drive and through our regular sessions is providing me with the confidence and knowledge to plan the short, medium and long term goals of the company”

IT Consulting Company

“Most importantly you have helped me step away from the busyness of business and to spend a small amount of time each week on planning to achieve my goals. I feel that with your help, encouragement and support my business performance and potential has been transformed.”

Business Rescue & Recovery Practice

“Your abilities of listening and interjecting at the right moments have been key in me making some key decisions about the business. There is the belief that all business coaches are the same; NOT so and you have succeeded where others have failed.”

Financial Services Company

“If you have extremely important objectives in your business that just seem out of reach, give Andy a call and I have every confidence he can help you.”

Software Development Company