The Adler Professional Coaching Certificate programme will enable you to master the art of coaching, to be effective in coaching people in the workplace and in life. The programme is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation and brings the credibility you need to succeed.

Adler certification provides a broad foundation of coaching skills and knowledge for use in the workplace and beyond the organisational setting. Adler’s approach helps shift the coach’s mind-set from merely “doing coaching” to “being a coach”

Key facts:

Parts  Duration Cost Venue & Dates
Foundations of Coaching  Five days  £1850+VAT  Multiple
Coaching in the Context of Work Five days £1850+VAT Multiple
Towards Artful Coaching Five days £1850+VAT Multiple
Practicum 1-3 months £4000+VAT Online
Complete programme 4-12 months £9550+VAT
Note: parts 1-3 have accompanying online/webinar based tele-classes following the one week residential courses. Additional projects and development tasks make this one of the most comprehensive programmes for training coaches anywhere.
*Subscribing for parts 1-3 or the whole certificate programme as an individual or for multiple persons from one organisation attracts a reduction in course fees. please contact us for details.


This comprehensive programme combines sound theory and effective practice for those who wish to develop and apply a coaching approach in the workplace or for those wanting to become a professional coach.

Learning Outcomes

Students build a deep understanding of coaching concepts, principles and methods, by practicing coaching and being coached. This helps master the nuances of coaching in the classroom before applying them to others.

Each element can be taken in isolation, for example the initial 1-week foundation course is often taken by business leaders or people relatively new to coaching as a standalone introduction to coaching skills and a coaching approach. For many this introduction fires their imagination and they move on to the next modules on their path to becoming a professionally accredited coach.

 Who is it for?

The Adler professional Coaching Certificate programme is the career and coaching skills programme of choice for coaches, HR professionals, trainers and leaders in organisations, people who take their coaching roles seriously. It is perfect for the committed learner motivated by the following benefits:

  • Learning the very latest coaching concepts, principals and tools
  • Attaining an internationally recognized accreditation
  • Mastering a higher level of coaching resourcefulness
  • Enhancing people/team development skills

Each element forms part of the journey to coaching mastery and an internationally recognised ICF accreditation.


Small groups of 8 -12 people over one week workshops for each of the first 3 modules. Lunch and refreshments included.


There are four modules comprise the Adler Coaching Certificate programme.

Foundations of Professional Coaching. Foundational grounding in coaching approach; a starter kit of coaching skills, tools & techniques.

Coaching Conversation in the Context of Work. Applying coaching skills and tools in the context of work; expanding coaching skills, tools & techniques.

Moving Toward Artful Coaching.  Integrating learning; enhancing and deepening ability to coach artfully and creatively.

Practicum. An intense and powerful learning process when you deepen your coaching competence through the integration of the following learning elements: supervision and feedback of your coaching; participation in Learning Labs (where client cases are reviewed, further exploration of coaching concepts occurs and deepened learning learning through interaction with fellow students); coaching clients (a minimum of 40 hours) and reflecting intentionally on your learning from the coaching experience.



adler new logoAdler programmes are available in the UK through PCA and Adler Learning UK.

The same courses can be taken in Canada, USA, Turkey and Denmark through Adler Schools in these countries.