In today’s world we all need to find a way to generate growth whilst remaining resilient and allowing sometimes difficult transformations to occur whilst keeping our teams positive and motivated.

Many senior managers are now under enormous pressure to perform, to help make their teams change gear in an increasingly difficult market place. They may realise that they need to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge to achieve this, but the same old training courses simply don’t deliver the necessary personal empowerment.

Global Organisations such as Lucent Alcatel, Ericsson, Scotiabank and Tine have recognised that the next step in business and leadership evolution is about personal empowerment. Building on the strengths that you have and unlocking the potential you never knew you had. They have adopted the Positive Change – Leader as a Coach programme that is delivered in the UK by PCA-Adler, to develop several generations of senior leaders and managers to help them meet the challenge of delivering more effective decision making and improved performance both for themselves and for their teams.

It is not just big businesses that benefit: individuals and teams from business sectors including finance, manufacturing, distribution, business services, education and the public sector from countries around the world have embraced Adler training.

PCA-Adler leadership development is new to the UK. The methods learnt and tools adopted in our programmes enable individuals to make a significant difference within their organisation, helping them to understand that new challenges can not necessarily be met by using old techniques. Each step forward may require a new focus and a different outlook; identifying the path can be a challenge in itself.

The PCA-Adler programme is powerful. Cohorts are kept small. Graduates of the programme have access to a range of invaluable post-event support activities and receive an invitation to join the select alumni group. This is a programme that will stay with you and you will use all the time. It’s not just a certificate and a workbook to add to those already collecting dust on the shelves.

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