Andy Willmore is a professional coach with 30 years experience working in businesses of all sizes, from one-man bands to global, multi-nationals. He works with (not for!) clients to assist them in realizing their potential in both a business and personal development capacity. He helps them “get them where they want to be quicker than they could on their own”

Key areas of expertise include business strategy, change implementation, sales and marketing, financial planning, communication and behavioural change. He is passionate about eliminating the “interference” that stands between people’s current reality and a desired future state.

Andy’s strengths lie in his approach to aligning personal goals, visions and strengths with business aims and objectives. By getting his clients to view their choices from a wider perspective, enables them to create their own meaningful solutions, to which they are considerably more committed (than to say a consultants recommendations), because they are “their solutions, to their issues in their context”.

His approach builds on his wide experience in sales, accountancy, consulting, management and coaching/mentoring skills embodied in the Adlerian approach and the ‘Co-active Coaching’ methodology. A lifelong team-player, he is committed to the principle that the potential of the whole is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the sum of all the parts.

Some people say that KNOWLEDGE = POWER, but for Andy part of the equation is missing. He firmly believe that KNOWLEDGE + ACTION = POWER and his coaching style reinforces that message and challenges people to take their destiny into their own hands.

Like other PCA coaches I use behavioural profiling as a positive tool in bringing about lasting and effective change in my work with clients.

Accreditations/membership/qualifications Andy continues to be trained by the International Coach Federation accredited Adler School of Professional Coaching and is a certified Everything DISC Trainer.

In summary, Andy looks to improve the way people interact with each other and to bring about real, meaningful and lasting change in behaviours, performance and relationships. He uses his extensive business experience and creativity working through the medium of professional coaching and mentoring.

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