Confidence is fragile

It really makes no difference if you are an extrovert or an introvert, confidence can be a big issue for anyone.

An extrovert can use their behaviours to cover a lack of confidence while an introvert can be very confident in their abilities but it may not be obvious.

Overconfidence in an extrovert can be seen as brash and ill advised. A lack in confidence by someone considered an introvert may go unnoticed.

Confidence is a key component in being able to make progress. As entrepreneurs or business people in a recession the well from which we draw confidence can seem very empty. when plans fail, targets are not met, when every obstacle overcome uncovers two challenges yet to be faced our reserve of confidence ebbs ever faster.

For many the source of confidence comes from praise and positive feedback or the trust placed in them by others.

Who have you given positive feedback to this week? Who feels trusted by you even though things are tough?

As circumstances change the ability to adapt and explore different ways of doing things takes confidence in ones self and those around you.

Confidence builds in an organisation when the leaders role model confidence and deliver results. Even better when the management team as a whole show common commitment to a positive vision for the organisation.

It is hard to be positive when you are not confident. Having a positive mindset builds your  confidence.

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