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Leading Positive Change – a focus on culture

This month’s collection of thought leadership on the subject of positive change. Our curated content follows our key theme of leadership of change and this month also highlights one of our key areas of focus – culture. This is a … Continue reading

Glass half full?

As I begin to prepare for yet another learning experience (a new Facilitators Accreditation programme), I find myself reflecting on the old adage and exactly why I am about to embark upon another classroom commitment followed by one more exam. … Continue reading

Top reasons companies are unable to scale

Companies with the potential to grow rapidly are termed Scalable Companies in the independent report to Government, The Scale-up Report on UK Economic Growth, presented by Sherry Coutu CBE. Her findings identified just five key factors that businesses need to address … Continue reading

5 Steps to Building High Functioning Cohesive Teams

Winning L&D Combination When Patrick Lencioni published his book on the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, he set out a framework to deal with the common problems that hold back organisations from achieving what they are capable of doing. In the years … Continue reading

Leadership in relation to opportunity

  Positive change leader Change is the only constant   (however inconsistent this statement might sound). Hand in hand with organisational change come the inevitable challenges. Traditionally we focus most effort and resource in an attempt to overcome these challenges. Yet all too often we do not recognise … Continue reading

Moral Leadership

Is resignation from a “morally indefensible” position the right or brave strategy for someone with leadership responsibilities? Baroness Warsi’s resignation from Government on the grounds set out in her letter raises questions on ethics and morals  relating to leaders and … Continue reading

To get ahead… you don’t need to be struggling

It is so refreshing to meet a potential client who is coming to coaching for the all the right reasons. To understand why this is such a rewarding experience for me as a coach you need the title statement and introductory … Continue reading

Business Coaching on a big scale

        PCA Bristol Business Coach Myles Mayne yesterday lead a very successful staff away day for a large Bath based charity .  Together with two PCA associate facilitators, over sixty members of staff came together from different locations … Continue reading

Confidence is fragile

It really makes no difference if you are an extrovert or an introvert, confidence can be a big issue for anyone. An extrovert can use their behaviours to cover a lack of confidence while an introvert can be very confident … Continue reading

Out with the old in with the new

When is a good time, or the right time, to work on a new business plan? Have one, three and five year business planning cycles come to the end of their useful place in our management toolkit? We are in … Continue reading