Person In Command

Stress is just the start – when a business leader is feeling the stresses of keeping a business afloat and (facing the task of) steering it through a hazard of challenges, (the changes they undergo in themselves) their behaviour can have an increasingly negative impact on those around them.

In this series of blogs we explore some of the key issues leaders need to overcome at times of major (stress and uncertainty) change (within the marketplace).

• Show of confidence – confidometer – factors – trust, reward, praise, pers dev, tone, mindset, exaggeration of personal confidence, behaviours
• Clarity of thought – the need for process and structure, goals and measures make a plan real
• Understanding the full range of choices – avoiding the stress blinkers
• Making strong decisions – deferring the inevitable and dealing with the ugly frog
• Communicating effectively and in a timely manner – when, how, how much, how often, to who, why, understanding the risks
• Recognising and limiting a Judging mindset
• Survival economics – cost focus rather than investment or revenue

Growth preventing silo mentality

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