Leadership Skills

Empowering Leaders no longer means developing the right to have, and the skill to exercise, authority.

Forward thinking businesses and organisations are seeking new ways to develop a new kind of leadership in the executive team and in key senior managers. They aim to empower individuals with the ability to get the best out of the people in their organisations in a non directive way.

Dr John Collins of PCA spoke recently at two significant events that paved the way for a new approach to building successful organisations (key aspects of these events will be posted in future blogs on this site UK event, European event).

Last week PCA was delighted to welcome leaders from management organisations, professional associations, consultancies, support organisations and growing businesses, gathered from around the UK and Europe, to hone a new set of skills to compliment the way they run their senior management teams.

This workshop series introduces new management techniques and tools, developed by PCA’s partner Adler Learning International, specifically designed to accelerate change and access hidden potential.

This workshop will be repeated at venues through the UK over the next few months to learn more or reserve a place please send your contact details to info@pcacoach.com .

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